Wouldn't it be great if you had clicked on this page and found an assortment of belts and bow ties, scarves and satchels, all comprised of denim?  Unfortunately, the BLEUDENIM shop is currently empty because we are looking for young and creative designers to provide us with exactly those essentials to offer in our shop.

Here at BLEUDENIM we know what it takes to market and sell the items, however we ourselves are not designers.  We may know what looks good and feels right, but when it comes to drawing up these masterpieces we want to leave it to real artists.  That is why we are looking to start working with fresh minds to start filling this store.

If you or someone you know has products, designs, or even sketches that you think would fit in with the BLEUDENIM mark, we want to know.  We're all about wild and crazy things, and in that regard we aren't going to set limits on what we offer in this shop.

Please feel free to send along any images or references at any time to contact(at)