Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue, Black, and Bold

From head to toe this outfit is perfectly composed of black and blue.  Aside from breaking a cardinal rule by mixing the two colors, it's usually pretty hard to get them to work together.  Most of the outfit is relatively basic...a simple pair of black flats and a pair of skinny black jeans.  She starts to add a bit of constrast with a slate gray v-neck that's just as much black as it is blue.  By keeping a majority of her outfit neutral she leaves herself room to go crazy on top.
Take a solid look at this cardigan and you'll realize that crazy isn't used in a negative sense to describe the sweater.  Between the baby blue trim, excesively colorful stitching details, and the three-quarter sleeves, there is a lot to be respected about her choice.  One more detail that screams bold is her choice of eyewear, a pair of beige Clubmasters that bring out her inner swag.

So Waisted

The inspiration and ideas behind this post are relatively similar to those from "BLEUDENIM at its Very Finest".  Simply put, the focal point is this awesome pair of denim shorts.  It's not easy to pull off the high-waisted look, but the buttons that decorate her waist are an easy way to add detail and creativity.

Too often we see denim shorts that end up showing too much leg and usually look awful with excessive fringe.  This pair on the other hand, reveals just the right amount of skin and provides her with the comfort she needs to offer us that perfect smile.  By adding a basic v-neck, flats with a bit of flare, and a neutral bag, you can ensure that nothing is taking away from the sheer style of these shorts.


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Smart Comfortable

We have to apologize for the poor quality of this picture. For the most part pictures will be of the quality we've had before (or better), but this one was quickly snapped on a Blackberry while working on other affairs.

This look caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, of course, were the green pants. I think it's fair to say we've been seeing more and more of them, and in my experience, worn by people you wouldn't expect to be "fashion-conscious." (In fact, when I asked this guy if he liked to dress well regularly, he said, "I guess," with an honest shrug.) I love this, because I see it as evidence that though changing the cut and style of "standard" clothes may be a little much for many, playing with color doesn't have to be. Notice also that he has the cuffs rolled up perfectly. Tighter pants would require a tidier fold, but these have just the right amount of attention paid to them. (That is to say, none.) The only thing I'd like to try with this outfit is some pleats on those pants.

His belt is a nice touch and affirms the prep soul to the look without overdoing it. And let us not forget those shoes. I believe I saw that one of them was unlaced but without laces drooping all over the floor. That's a move that is unique, and that says, "I'm comfortable."


Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We quickly realized this past weekend how easy it is to slip away into the serenity of nature and forget entirely about both the blog or anything else relatively important these days. However, a weekend escape to Connecticut proved worthwhile. We were able to enjoy some time relaxing, of course found time to do some shopping, but also were able to reflect on our first week working on this project and came to the conclusion that this really is something we are dedicated to and want to see grow.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

FREEDIM of Expression

As bold of a statement as this outfit makes, it takes an even bolder person to sport the look.  Scrappy boots like these are hard to pull off, but add a pair of DIY denim shorts to the mix and you have really raised the bar.  Vintage or not, the boots do look like they went through WWII but he knows how to add just the right amount of professionalism with a simple tailored blazer.  Gaga might ask for those shades back soon, but for the time being he has all the FREEDIM to wear anything.  


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Street Swag

Super slim has clearly made its way on to the American college campus and we're constantly noticing all sorts of variations in skinny jeans.  What happens most of the time though is that the outfit becomes top heavy due to a lack of dedication.  His hoodie has a lot going on to say the least but it has a perfect fit and does not make him look like he is swimming in fleece.

What some street stylers are good at however, is being clever enough to transition from an aggressive hoodie like his to a pair of kicks that prove themselves.  These black high-tops offer plenty of detail but also look comfortable enough to make you wonder what his reason for buying them was...or maybe he knew he was getting it all.

The most important piece in this outfit, however, is definitely the denim.  Skinny or slim fit might even be an understatement for these but they don't look like they are constraining which is one sign for a perfect fit.  Even more is that wash, a simple gray pair of jeans with crazy acid stains that make for an ensemble that is made of three solid pieces of detailed style.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So we decided that it was necessary to put ourselves out there and let you know a little bit about what we see this project turning into.  Jordan and Nick.  Two business students in the Boston Area, and by Boston we mean Babson College, population 1900.  We're limited to say the least, but we certainly are not going to let that stop us.  To be honest, after just a few days working together, I'm getting the feeling that not much is going to stop us.

(Jordan's inspirational piece)

This picture is from one of my favorite street style blogs. It’s not necessarily the coolest outfit I’ve seen on the site, but it’s the most important because it made me realize where I drew my inspiration from. A friend once asked me that exact question, and I told him, “From just living in Paris and seeing people’s outfits. The Parisian streets are essentially runways.” And it’s true. But it’s not just Paris. All the world’s a runway, and its people merely models. I just want to sit in the front row. I want it to be my show.

Scott Schuman started a whole wave of these street style blogs when he began taking pictures as photoblogger Sartorialist in 2005. (That's where the picture's from, by the way.) Thanks to him, today we are lucky enough to be able to gawk at Jak & Jil, Swagger 360, and maybe even some friends' copycat blogs. The site you are currently on has nothing to do with any of these.

I feel like BLEUDENIM has been brewing for as long as I can remember. Whatever I've been into in my youth, whether it was skateboarding, climbing, soccer, metal concerts or poetry, I've tried to dress the part. For me, behind the idea of the BLEUDENIM name is an observation of the ubiquitous nature of denim (even throughout all these interests) as well as its very American origins.  

(Nick's inspirational piece)

By no means is this our attempt to create a set of guidelines for fashion or belittle those whose style does not match our preferences.  However, if we don't like your outfit we probably won't hold back.  We're ruthless, even with each other, and nothing goes unnoticed.

Using this painting as an example, to me style starts as a blank canvas, as did this piece before the first stroke.  However, with each additional piece you add to the mix or stroke you add to the canvas, you are reaching closer to a breaking point.  Style, as with art, can only be taken so far and you need to know the right point to stop yourself, take a minute to examine, and admit to yourself you created a masterpiece.

So that's us...we're young, energetic, and willing to do whatever it takes to make our dreams become reality.  Jordan grew up in Paris, Nick has spent a larger portion of this past year in the city as well.  Given our identity as “faux-Français,” you can be sure you’ll see some of that influence come up on BLEUDENIM. We’ll both be moving back to Paris at some point in the next couple years as our academic careers come to a close. So the end goal at this point is to open a denim store in an area of the city like the Marais. We will be beginners to the game, so we envision working with young creative denim designers that are looking for their route to success well. As you follow the blog, you’ll start to see more and more of what we envision for the boutique. We hope to gain a following both in terms of the blog as well as an appreciation for our abilities and output.  This means that we need your feedback, and we want as much as we can get.  So follow, comment, email us, share us, and get ready to be a part of something, because you’re coming with us on this ride.

A Visit From the Editors

It's not always easy to follow a commonly worn look but still ace it.  (That beautiful beaming smile certainly helps though!) These days you see girls wearing tights or yoga pants everywhere, but we think this girl deserves credit for being bold by wearing this eye-catching rugby top.  The shirt has some great detail that can't be overlooked.  Take the padded red stitching on the right shoulder or that extra yellow slash on each stripe of her collar.  

The only thing better than the detail on this shirt is her knack for accessories and her eye for choosing just the right one.  Only a watch and some earrings but they really deserve a mention.  I usually don't spot blue watches often but when I do they really catch my eye.  And the earrings, aside from strong earlobes, it takes a pretty bold woman to put those on in the morning.

-Slick and Clarence

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Head to Toe

To be completely honest, I'm not really quite sure what caught my eye first in this one. Maybe it was simply the fact that from top to bottom, this girl knows how to put an outfit together. Denim shirts are always questionable, but the case is easily put to rest when you have a vintage scarf to accompany the look. The tailoring on this shirt hugs her sides perfectly, which mixes well with the combination of utility and comfort that denim provides.


Mixing black and blue is never an easy decision, but she found a pair of skinnies that offer enough character of their own to overpower the "faux pas."  The black on black patches which layer these jeans offer satisfaction for the wandering eye.  To finish up this dare-to-be-different ensemble, these black flats sport just the right amount of blue to demonstrate her attention to detail.  Maybe our northern neighbors have been right this whole time and the "Canadian Jumpsuit" has been acceptable all along.


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Gather Some Denim and DIY

One good thing about denim is that it can be crafted into just about anything you want it to be. Jean pants somehow always find themselves cut at the knees and worn as shorts. Jackets are easily tailored at the elbow and vests are born. Women seem to always stand out in an over-sized mens denim shirt.  Denim is by far one of the most durable fabrics and can stand the test of time and fashion, even as styles change. 

After getting reconnected with this old friend of mine, I realized how unfortunate it is that she is no longer on campus.  She shares our preferences for quirkiness and simplicity, but has an eye for the little things that really matter and has the energy to make them standout.  Her strength: rummaging through piles of thrift, gathering a few garments, and transforming them into an entirely new outfit that allows her to prove how easy it is to do it yourself.


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Humsa Promenade

One great thing about this guy is his preference for simplicity. By simple, I don't mean the fact that his black and gray outfit matches perfectly with his black and gray bedding, but rather that he doesn't leave room for negativity to affect him. We all have a basic pair of brown loafers like his, but not many find the courage to sport gray denim like this. A classic pair of slim-fit jeans, with an extra roll to expose a little bit of ankle and to prove that simple does not always mean boring.

His sweater looks comfortable as anything with a chunky shawl collar to add some warmth, even though it's only September. The white stripes around his sleeves and waist add just the right amount of detail to an otherwise basic pullover. Basic, however, is something that this guy certainly is not. Get to know him better and he will show you how Karma affects everyone.


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BLEUDENIM at its Very Finest

Not much has to be said about this's our favorite Française wearing nothing but super suede shoes and a smile... and that awesome jean dress of course!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Weekender

This bag caught my attention, immediately. To be honest though, how could it not? It's over-sized, seems relatively convenient, but let's be serious here it's covered in zebra. She realizes the power that such a large and decorated bag holds, which helps her decide on the rest of her outfit.

Luckily, I know that she isn't getting on a train or plane for her weekend trip, but rather driving to her destination. For this reason, she chose a slim and stretchy pair of denim to ensure comfort the whole way.  As for the shirt, white after Labor Day might be questionable but she knows that the bag will draw all attention away from everything else. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Simple Yet Elegant

Honestly, this is my favorite picture so far. Such a simple outfit, but look closer and there's these little things that make it shine.

First let's talk about these jeans. They have a great wash, it's got some stylish detailing, but not so much that it's overdone. Plus, they're blue jeans, but they're a subtle shade- very different than a really BLUE wash that would give a much more American feel.

And that, my friends, is a REAL pair of espadrilles. They don't look like they cost more than a few bucks and could've been bought at a supermarket (I know mine were) Plus, this guy doesn't look like he bought these just because he wanted to be "fresh," there's dirt on em. Talk about effortless.

And then just throw on your standard white v-neck and some bling and you're golden! Literally, in the case of that chain hiding there. This outfit was about effortless (and can I say timeless?) STYLE and not about FASHION. I mean, look at that expression. This dude's like, "OK, you can take a picture I guess. It's not like I'm wearing anything special."


Friday, September 17, 2010

Blue Americana

I found it kind of ironic that this guy, with BluBlockers protecting his eyes, likes the color enough to incorporate it into a majority of his outfit.  Simple, clean, and tailored: his blue and green plaid shirt helps demonstrate a laid back yet comfortable style.  As for the denim, these slim fit washed jeans fall perfectly around his loafers, offering this energetic designer plenty of movement.

Together, these two demonstrate just how well a basic pair of slim fit jeans goes with a tailored plaid shirt.  Comfortable, confident, and coincidentally both named Nick.  Is it ironic, or just A Little Bit Weird?

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Sunny Thursdays

Here we have two guys who each brought with them the essentials; denim and a bit of attitude. The guy on the left sports a priceless smirk with black gingham up top. A relaxed but well fitting pair of gray jeans go perfectly with his low black sneakers.

On the right, the classic blue polo fits well with his seemingly simple, but always go-to blue jeans. They look comfortable, and you can tell that the jeans make him feel the same way. Together, these two guys exemplify the timeless beauty of denim. As for the sunglasses, clearly these Italian classics still display elegance the way they always have.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I like this one because of the bag, as the title implies. Typical Paul Smith, but not one of the most commonly seen designs, in my experience. I mean, let's be serious, we've all seen the car and the sexy wallet ladies. This kind of fad following without being exactly the same as everyone else is something I try do to myself. The fact that he carries the bag with his watch hand securing it isn't bad, either. We'll try to get the photo big enough so you can zoom in on the watch, it was pretty cool in its own right.

Of course, since this is lesbluejeans, we have to mention the man's denim. While they're not the most unique pair, I like these jeans because they give the feeling that the wearer thought out the comfort/style ratio and picked a pair that fit a ratio to his liking; they have a distressed wash and are not too long but are a little bit baggy.

I see this as a good example of student chic. A blend of American student style with some European designer flair.


Spiked and Ready

You would think that my first post would be focused on something relatively encompassed in denim. Rather, I took inspiration from her idea for a pair of studded flats like the ones she is wearing, but with denim instead of gold. Seemed like a great vision and therefore she was worthy of this first post.

While the rest of her black, grey, and hunter outfit doesn’t seem to bring much, she doesn’t neglect the power of gold and adds the color in a perfect arrangement to pull together a great set of extras.

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