Plan (About)

We are known to many as Jordan and Nick. Others call us Clarence and Slick.
Together, we run BLEUDENIM.

BLEUDENIM 100 (teaser) from BLEUDENIM on Vimeo.

So we decided that it was necessary to put ourselves out there and let you know a little bit about what we see this project turning into.  Jordan and Nick.  Two business students in the Boston Area, and by Boston we mean Babson College, population 1900.  We're limited to say the least, but we certainly are not going to let that stop us.  To be honest, after just a few days working together, I'm getting the feeling that not much is going to stop us.

(Jordan's inspirational piece)

This picture is from one of my favorite street style blogs. It’s not necessarily the coolest outfit I’ve seen on the site, but it’s the most important because it made me realize where I drew my inspiration from. A friend once asked me that exact question, and I told him, “From just living in Paris and seeing people’s outfits. The Parisian streets are essentially runways.” And it’s true. But it’s not just Paris. All the world’s a runway, and its people merely models. I just want to sit in the front row. I want it to be my show.

Scott Schuman started a whole wave of these street style blogs when he began taking pictures as photoblogger Sartorialist in 2005. (That's where the picture's from, by the way.) Thanks to him, today we are lucky enough to be able to gawk at Jak & Jil, Swagger 360, and maybe even some friends' copycat blogs. The site you are currently on has nothing to do with any of these.

I feel like BLEUDENIM has been brewing for as long as I can remember. Whatever I've been into in my youth, whether it was skateboarding, climbing, soccer, metal concerts or poetry, I've tried to dress the part. For me, behind the idea of the BLEUDENIM name is an observation of the ubiquitous nature of denim (even throughout all these interests) as well as its very American origins.  

(Nick's inspirational piece)

By no means is this our attempt to create a set of guidelines for fashion or belittle those whose style does not match our preferences.  However, if we don't like your outfit we probably won't hold back.  We're ruthless, even with each other, and nothing goes unnoticed.

Using this painting as an example, to me style starts as a blank canvas, as did this piece before the first stroke.  However, with each additional piece you add to the mix or stroke you add to the canvas, you are reaching closer to a breaking point.  Style, as with art, can only be taken so far and you need to know the right point to stop yourself, take a minute to examine, and admit to yourself you created a masterpiece.

So that's us...we're young, energetic, and willing to do whatever it takes to make our dreams become reality.  Jordan grew up in Paris, Nick has spent a larger portion of this past year in the city as well.  Given our identity as “faux-Français,” you can be sure you’ll see some of that influence come up on BLEUDENIM. We’ll both be moving back to Paris at some point in the next couple years as our academic careers come to a close. So the end goal at this point is to open a denim store in an area of the city like the Marais. We will be beginners to the game, so we envision working with young creative denim designers that are looking for their route to success well. As you follow the blog, you’ll start to see more and more of what we envision for the boutique. We hope to gain a following both in terms of the blog as well as an appreciation for our abilities and output.  This means that we need your feedback, and we want as much as we can get.  So follow, comment, email us, share us, and get ready to be a part of something, because you’re coming with us on this ride.