Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blue Tomatoes

This is a personal favorite because since I've been young, my two favorite colors have been blue and red.  Using the two colors together always seems to work so well and this outfit demonstrates that notion.  Nothing special about these skinny denim pants but that is why they're so great, they're easy.  Some blue and red flannel for a bit of warmth on an overcast day goes well with the jeans.  To even out the color balance, an oversized red bag for the essentials.  So here's to blue tomatoes, a never fail palette.  


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Forever Young

Sometimes its hard to let go of the little things that keep us young, but no one ever said that it's a problem.  This truck belt is an easy way to demonstrate the need for a innocent child-like attitude.  Forget the little things and remember that style as well is really that simple.  A great combination of blue and black is kept in balance with the red strap and a comfortable pair of skinny jeans.

I respect this guy's style because he knows what fits him and sticks to it, while leaving room to be creative with (for lack of a more fitting, manlier word) accessories. But I also gotta give it up for the versatility of the outfit. He went from a relaxed look to this buttoned-up one in no time, an important feature for men's clothing especially I feel.

-Slick and Clarence

Costume Contest

BLEUDENIM is having its first contest! This is to be the first of many. The more participants, the more able we are to give out better prizes as we move forward.

We appreciate style wherever it might be found, and this season is a great time to have some fun with it. We don't like rules, so here are the following contest guidelines:
  1. Dress up, go out and have fun!
  2. Make sure you get a picture of you in your costume
  3. Send it to our email address with "costume contest" in the Subject line (Contact page above)
Anyone and everyone across the globe is invited to submit for a chance to win. We will accept photos of ANY kind, format and pose and will be picking winners on Wednesday, November 3rd. Winners will be contacted by November 5th to receive a prize of monetary value! Winning entries will be posted to the blog.

Happy Halloween!

-Slick and Clarence

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well Matched

Between the shade of brown and the compliments of gold, this outfit is well put together.  It's good to see the many ways leather can be paired.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Manly Monday

Check out our version of Manly Monday on Fab-YOU-lous


These Boots Were Made for Stylin'

I noticed this running to class and just had to ask for the photo because of the shoes. I was struck by how the brown/black mixing actually seemed to work and somehow the shape of the shoes seemed to fit a pattern in the textures of the outfit. This picture encapsulates for me the idea behind BLEUDENIM, which is that there is style to be found wherever you look, even sometimes in the most unexpected of places.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well Protected

A light cotton dress on an autumn day in New England might be questionable.  Luckily, this seasoned pro knows that a few extra essentials prepare her for anything Boston could possibly throw her way.  From the boots to the perfectly stowed away hood, she is ready for the elements.




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Sunday

This is what I might call "city style." Even in a cosier city such as Beantown, we see a lot of black. But this outfit was done right, with tiny tie knot (contrary to current trends), flattering layering, and a counter color hat that fits the wearer perfectly. The man seems to have dressed with style and comfort in mind as equal priorities. The big collar, though vaguely vampirish, totally made our Black Sunday in Boston.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Appetite for Construction

Okay everyone, new favorite post.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our viewers that all pictures posted are clickable, which allows you to zoom in on them.

I had no idea where to start with this, so we're just gonna go from the head down. Let's take the beanie, draped perfectly around his dreadlocks so that it crumples on itself in the back. I know some people try everything from bobby pins to staples to achieve this look with a beanie, so it's great to see it achieved so clearly without any effort at all. And what is that in his hair, you ask? They're metal dread decorations: two in silver, one in stoplight colors. His black and white glasses are perhaps the most subtle item in this outfit, but they may be my favorite part. They magnify his face so that it doesn't seem small or shrunken in, even in the context of that big hair. Glasses are also an easy way to add a layer of maturity to a look that would otherwise have seemed juvenile or "alternative." The toy hanging from his neck is a balero, which he was playing with as we approached him. 

The t-shirt, it turns out, is from Marc Jacobs, where our friend here works. Pretty cool t-shirt design, but what is really of interest is the contraption he is wearing over it: a black webbed gun holster converted to a carrying case. He had everything imaginable in there, from a plethora of pens to the business card he handed us. Matching is his black webbed belt, which continues the military theme. I have to say I love the implementation of the military theme without the typical rebellious or chic efforts. This man goes much further than this, with a fully developed style of his own. The narrow leg dark-dye jeans, distressed carabiner keychain, long fingerless glove, and fresh patent leather kicks complete this, giving an overall urban feel to a look that otherwise could have gone in many other directions.

Finally, look closer at the picture. Our friend is wearing a scissor pendant on that chain to match his tattoo on his left arm. When asked about the significance, he told us, "Scissors can cut and destroy, scissors can cut and create."  Like the toy and the dread decorations, this is another example of the man expressing some of the darker corners of his soul through his clothing. I admire this and regularly attempt to emulate it in my own wardrobe. If you think about it, clothing is a perfect means to express subtle personal traits because so few are looking for it, so it becomes a very personal interaction. I just wish I shared this man's voracious appetite for construction.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wet Paint

This one all seemed to come together perfectly, only in the complete opposite order of this post.  It started with an aggressive attempt at a Pollock look-alike.  Luckily, the aggressiveness paid off and the painting came out flawless.  

Most of the jeans ended up coming out looking better than they did when they went in.  These two show that jeans with a little bit of color are always a good choice.  And voilà, the masterpiece below.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exception to the Rule

You can tell from first glance that this man pays attention to his appearance. See that highlight on his goatee and the two-tone glasses to match? Those are two styled things you know he wears EVERY day. 

But what it really comes down to is that this man is the exception to the rule in every way. He makes sure that the black he sports is all rich leather and pairs it with very simple dark blue denim, ensuring that he breaks the "no black/navy" rule with uncommon class. Additionally, leather jackets, whether they are of a bomber, rocker, or blazer style, are generally very hard to design (and wear) well. His takes the rocker route, and displays the perfect combination of detail and cut. The collar, epaulets, and pockets make just the right impression while the angled zipper and size fit him nice and snug, as a leather jacket always should.

And finally, let's not overlook this bag. Padded leather is making more and more appearances these days, and I have to say I haven't liked much of what I've seen. Again though, our friend here pleasantly surprises with a bag that doesn't overdo it, but adds some moxie in the form of alternating metal studs. Rock on, my man.


Hard At Work

In Boston on a critical Monday afternoon.

-Slick and Clarence

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A Message From Texas


We both spotted this one from far away when we saw the messenger bag.  Usually we see shoulder bags like this that seem like nothing more than an awkward attempt at a backpack but the fabrics and detail that were added to this bag make it stand out.  The leather components such as the shoulder strap and the clasps offer that special something.  Details are definitely something that he respects when you look over the rest of his outfit.  From the extra buttons on his v-neck to his great lenses, he picks up on the little things.  Last but not any less important is the luck we want to wish him on his upcoming move to NYC.


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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brown Basics


I liked this outfit because it's super simple but has enough details to bring together a great look.  Spandex isn't always my favorite but her frame is perfect for them and you can tell how relaxed they make her feel.  A simple long sleeve v-neck adds a little bit of style but also some warmth on a fall afternoon.

The details I'm talking about are the old school bag and shoes to match.  A small clutch sized purse with a shoulder strap makes vintage seem easy.  A flat pair of brown loafers with gold to match the purse; simple but stylish.  Nothing about this outfit seems extra special but the touch of brown made it all seem to work together.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where's Your Runway?

These two took the streets of Paris by storm in these outfits.  From head to toe, left to right, this couple woke up and said today we're not putting on clothes, we're getting dressed.  A larger part of me wants to know if his hair is naturally that perfect or if any effort had to be exerted to get such a flow.  Oversized aviators, for some reason just look great on his face.  A genuine extra slim fit blue french cuff shirt.  The jacket might scream pédé but it seems to fit him far too well to criticize.  A part from the questionable belt, he ties together a perfect ensemble with the white zipper.

Elegant but absolutely as simple as it gets, she looks stunning in this black dress.  A few locks of hair splashing her in the face add that extra something.  Her incredible blue eyes seem to match his entire upper.  All in all this couple didn't take long to realize that the sidewalks are their runway...where's yours?

We want to thank two of Slick's friends:
the original Adele de Fontbrune
the photographer Tasha Kombo 


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneaker Solutions

Most of you are going to look at this post and immediately wonder what's so special about these torn and tattered shoes.  They're unique, literally speaking though...they're one of a kind.  Years ago these kicks used to be baby blue, then one day they found their way through some mud and looked awful.  His solution: throw a bunch of black dye into a tub and put the shoes in to soak.  Now he has the perfect pair of high tops to match these low waisted straight leg faded black jeans.  Along with his comfortable and well fitted pea coat he adds the colorful flat brim and the chunky white headphones that will keep him jamming through this awful weather.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

BlancBleu Denim

This is an example of somebody wearing something that frankly I would normally hate, but have to like because of the context in which it's worn. This summer was no different than the rest, we saw a lot of daisy dukes, and the ones that are so short that the big pockets are falling below the jean from the inside I found especially reproachable. But the bleached wash of these with the faded original blue detail makes me hesitant to call these as trashy as the rest. Plus, because the asymmetrical pockets are just barely poking out, I see them as adding a cool trim in stead of a hick feel.

And if that was not enough to justify wearing these, she couples them with a seductively smooth looking sheer top, and then adds to that black and white color contrast with a designed black jacket and boots that mix in some class without distracting.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rebel Without A Pause

No matter when you see this guy, he brings his "A" game every time.  His energy level and constant desire to raise the bar explain why the sun never sets on a bad ass.  From top to bottom he rocks classics with a bit of edge.  Graphic tees are always an easy go to but deciding to bring your ant farm for the night is often overlooked.  Standard straight-leg denim with a perfect blue wash, these jeans are exactly what BLEUDENIM is all about.


High tops definitely aren't for everyone but I think they add a bit of chunkiness similar to his choice of sunglasses.  I love how bold the color combo of his sneakers is, which is what caught my attention first.  With a drink by your side and an electric level of energy like his, there is every reason to Just Do It.