Sunday, October 3, 2010

BlancBleu Denim

This is an example of somebody wearing something that frankly I would normally hate, but have to like because of the context in which it's worn. This summer was no different than the rest, we saw a lot of daisy dukes, and the ones that are so short that the big pockets are falling below the jean from the inside I found especially reproachable. But the bleached wash of these with the faded original blue detail makes me hesitant to call these as trashy as the rest. Plus, because the asymmetrical pockets are just barely poking out, I see them as adding a cool trim in stead of a hick feel.

And if that was not enough to justify wearing these, she couples them with a seductively smooth looking sheer top, and then adds to that black and white color contrast with a designed black jacket and boots that mix in some class without distracting.


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