Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belted Blueberries

Of course the added texture on the bag was what immediately caught my attention, but this outfit offers a lot more than just some extra fur.  The leather shoulder strap and matching cinch strap on this messenger bag add some great style.  It's not always easy to find such a perfect fitting oxford, where leaving the shirt hanging out isn't even a question.  The over-sized shades are a perfect compliment up top and the wrap-around white lacing on these blueberry chukkas really stands out.  Most importantly, we see a perfect display of denim in this outfit, a well fitting pair of slim-straight blue jeans that bunches up just right above the shoes.

Any of our viewers want to take a guess as to what this awesome bag is made of?



Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Apple Tweed

Not much needs to be said about how well this guy pulls off the combination of corduroy and tweed.  This outfit is a perfect match of greens, yellows, and blues.  After riding a bike all summer long in Paris, I have much appreciation for someone willing to brave it out there on two wheels in the cold.  That's where the need for so many layers comes in here.  Pay a little more attention to the shirt, and you'll notice colors that compliment the coat.  A basic striped tie looks great under the green quilted hunting vest.  The jacket, oh the jacket...this is a great display of how easy it is to bring together an outfit using multi-colored tweed.

Big Apple Tweed is an effort to bring back the beauty of tweed, using bicycling for fun.  These bike rides bring together bicyclists who enjoy vintage British cycling attire.  So get out there with some vintage tweed and your bike and don't forget to layer up during this cold weather.  For more on this bike concept, check out Big Apple Tweed here.



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Style Transcends Time

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that all of our content is clickable for viewing/zooming purposes only.

Yet again the style of certain of our schoolmates is solidified in our eyes as the model has more than once been photographed by a member of our team. Yet again she is wearing a silk scarf. Yet again she refuses to wear something boring. From her head to her toe, every article is a style statement on its own, from the leather tights to the fur coat. Not only that, but each is part of what we might call a timeless look, but would perhaps not normally mix (i.e. Saint-James sailor stripe, styled riding boots, fur coat). Once again, our friend proves Style Transcends Time.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friends With Benefits

There is always that one friend who you know is going to bring just as much style as you.  These two guys are no different.  Each knew that today was a sick shoe day.  These purple sneaks don't need much detail because the color alone creates that stand-out effect.  The high tops look comfortable and offer just the right amount of color with the orange swoosh.  So find your friend with benefits, and Just Do It.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Neutral Ground

There's not much that needs to be said here, and you all seem to like pictures more than commentary anyway. Let it just be noted, then, that the minimalist mixing of just a few neutral colors can allow for a couple of really neat tricks...

...up your sleeve or...

...underfoot or...

...right in front of you.

With the big pashmina scarf, high waisted button pants, and coat details, this chunky outfit ended up being a perfect mix of modern European style and classical American elegance. The colors of the clothes may be neutral, but this girl radiated positivity wearing them.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

tHree of a kind

Photo courtesy of  Ron Dumont

There are so many great things about this entire look, I really don't know where to start.  Pocket squares, always the stylistic definition of a gentleman.  What's even better is that the label matches the belt, always good to coordinate.  I'm not sure if I appreciate the bow tie or the custom-made red belt more, but both are great choices.  As for the guy on the left, his blazer has a great trim and the rolled sleeve look is displayed flawlessly.  I'll be honest in saying that this belt has never been one of my favorites (I hate flashy)...but you can't look at this and not respect their fearlessness.  Each of them pulls off skinny jeans, and all of these denim shades are what BLEUDENIM is all about.



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zero Waste

Style and creativity can exist anywhere, even in the trash.  "Zero Waste" was a recent event where looks were crafted from any and all resources available.  It was great to see what kind of pieces were made from left overs and scraps, proving that you don't necessarily need to spend hundreds on each outfit.  These pieces might not be the most "haute couture" or fashionable pieces this season, but they definitely break boundaries and prove how a little eco-friendliness can go a long way.

 No longer is Twister your basic test of flexibility, check out this v-neck mini dress.

 Magazine Ads are never done after reading, look how a dress was weaved using old clippings

Newspaper Tie, an easy way to bring along some light reading


Thursday, November 11, 2010

East Meets West

Happy 11/11 everyone!

These two are on exchange from Japan and Italy, and they (like me) must think they're still at home. Campus may not be able to handle the style of those red boots with the form fitting jeans rolled up to the point that we should see tabs sticking out the back. Now that's a look I would rock. Plus, the black-on-black turtleneck underneath the shawl collar sweater with the contrast neutral brown elbow patches add a symmetry of irony which does a lot to command style status.

Italy brings his A game too. In typical Italian Stallion fashion, he has to look as though he just rolled out of bed and aimlessly threw something on. But we can tell that if that's true he must spend a good amount of effort in the stores, because he has a wardrobe that allows him to do so magnificently. The comfy looking quilted jacket is a natural match to some uncommon jeans and a classic desert boot.

I like the way these pictures capture the way two outfits took a new look at old classics as east met west.



Serious Studs

This outfit is really great because she incorporated multiple pieces which each have their own element of complexity.  Up top she throws in some fur to add a bit of warmth.  Another great addition is the watch that really stands out against an entirely black outfit.

No words are even really needed for this bag.  It's a basic shoulder sac, great for carrying just about anything, but the studs really make it special.

To be completely honest, cargo pockets have been on my "don't" list for quite some time but these pants have that extra something.  Not only are they a cargo jeans, but they're jeggings which really throws a curve.  A lot of times put together complex outfits like this and it just doesn't work.  Her choices on the other hand all work really well together and prove that complex can pay off.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Occasions: Rain, rain, go away...

Today we continue with one of our favorite mini-series, All Occasions. The weather in our area has been dreadful lately, so this time we look at rain boots. Hunters are good and all, but a classic without a little sprucing just ends up being boring. Here are some boots that are less so:

Sock texture looks comfy, nice to see a splash of big color against the black tones we see this season.

Add a little sophistication to an otherwise undignified rubber affair with a gatorskin texure and heels...

...or even take it a step further and add some flowers and gold signature detail for some real class.



Swagger 360 Smells Good Too

Check out the collab Swagger 360 recently did with Ralph Lauren.  One thing that's for certain about Ralph Lauren is that they are a lifestyle brand.  It's great to see Swagger 360 do work with them because this blog truly displays how lifestyle and attitude connect.

We have been fans of Swagger 360 for quite some time, as the man behind it all really understands street style and respects the attention to detail that we are starting to see more and more of.  To learn more about Swagger 360 and to see more of the collaboration with Ralph Lauren, check out these clips and videos.

-Slick and Clarence


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vested Interest

We originally approached this girl for a different article of clothing, but as she turned around to speak with us, we noticed this vest. One of us is more a fan than the other, but we can agree that the leather detail on the pockets of a fur vest sends a strong statement. I'd like to see more fur vests in the vein of this one, with a little more character than those rabbit fur ones we saw so much of last fall/winter season.


A Touch of Gold

It's nice to catch the effort that some people put into their outfits.  Here we have three easy and comfortable pieces that are all tied together through their added details of gold.  Zippers are starting to become a bit more common on leggings, but these full length zippers are a new take on simple.  From the front, the cardigan seemed like another slightly oversized sweater, but the gold chains are another example of the extra details that always display style.

What's great about this combination of black and gold is how subtle the details are.  She incorporated the extra bit of gold in both the front and back, showing how style must always be a 360 degree approach.  Black is often a go to color on these miserable rainy days, but it never hurts to add in something extra to show how easy style can be.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Occasions: Baking a Loaf of Style

There are certain articles in this world that can be appropriately worn on all occasions, loafers being one of them.  In the shots below, it's easy to understand why loafers come in so many colors and designs, with all sorts of ties, straps, and that little slot for your penny that everyone used as a kid.  

Sometimes a simple violet just says it all
Black on black for the serious effect
White in mid-fall, questionable yet respectable