Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Boys of BLEUDENIM are back with SEED

Over the past three years Jordan and Nick have spent some time apart, while still remaining in close contact to prepare for a comeback of epic proportions.

Jordan finished up his degree at Babson and has also been working towards his Masters in International Luxury Management at the world-renowned IFM in Paris.

Nick has been learning about living organically and mastering
self-sufficiency on 35 acres in the lush hinterland of subtropical Northern NSW.

Together, they have what it takes to start a luxury hemp street style brand, determined to shape the decisions of their consumers by providing the most sustainable and environmentally conscious products possible.

BLEUDENIM allowed the team to dip their toes into the world of fashion...but now it's time to take that to the next level.

Introducing, SEED.

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Clarence and Slick

No Scrubs

"A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly"...this girl knows she's fly.  Rockin' old school second-hand Levi's with the perfect roll (it's a technique one must master...expect a post to come).  Don't even know what comments to give the shirt, because I'm not even sure if it's a shirt or some extra fabric she had lying around.  This aspiring fashion student woke up this morning and said "I give a damn!"

- Nick

Cut-Off Credit

It's always nice to give credit where credit is in this one we'll give it up to the girl on the right who's cool enough to hang out with her friend on the left who really deserves the credit.

That denim cut-off jacket is dope...plain and simple.  Matched with a long flowy white skirt on a hot summer day in Paris, this is a great outfit to transition from an afternoon stroll to a night on the town.

- Nick

Calls For A Break

A hot day in Paris calls for some time to relax dans les jardins.  Some like the shade, and some like it hot.  Unseen are the shopping bags this woman was carrying, sometimes all that shopping can really tire you out.  A well deserved break, for a well dressed female.  

She may not be sporting the most elegant attire, but the swag she carries herself with screams chic.  The loose tank-top tucked into a baggy pair of jeans with a belt that really says BAM!

- Nick