Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Apple Tweed

Not much needs to be said about how well this guy pulls off the combination of corduroy and tweed.  This outfit is a perfect match of greens, yellows, and blues.  After riding a bike all summer long in Paris, I have much appreciation for someone willing to brave it out there on two wheels in the cold.  That's where the need for so many layers comes in here.  Pay a little more attention to the shirt, and you'll notice colors that compliment the coat.  A basic striped tie looks great under the green quilted hunting vest.  The jacket, oh the jacket...this is a great display of how easy it is to bring together an outfit using multi-colored tweed.

Big Apple Tweed is an effort to bring back the beauty of tweed, using bicycling for fun.  These bike rides bring together bicyclists who enjoy vintage British cycling attire.  So get out there with some vintage tweed and your bike and don't forget to layer up during this cold weather.  For more on this bike concept, check out Big Apple Tweed here.



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