Thursday, November 11, 2010

East Meets West

Happy 11/11 everyone!

These two are on exchange from Japan and Italy, and they (like me) must think they're still at home. Campus may not be able to handle the style of those red boots with the form fitting jeans rolled up to the point that we should see tabs sticking out the back. Now that's a look I would rock. Plus, the black-on-black turtleneck underneath the shawl collar sweater with the contrast neutral brown elbow patches add a symmetry of irony which does a lot to command style status.

Italy brings his A game too. In typical Italian Stallion fashion, he has to look as though he just rolled out of bed and aimlessly threw something on. But we can tell that if that's true he must spend a good amount of effort in the stores, because he has a wardrobe that allows him to do so magnificently. The comfy looking quilted jacket is a natural match to some uncommon jeans and a classic desert boot.

I like the way these pictures capture the way two outfits took a new look at old classics as east met west.



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