Friday, December 17, 2010

A Second Chance

Everyone on this planet, no matter who you are or where you're from, can use their wardrobe to express themselves. Get ready for our chunkiest post yet.

Harry Jefferson, FR3EDIM, inc, hard at work

That was the point of the recent "2nd Chance at Life" charity fashion photoshoot event at Babson.

The event was the precursor to the the upcoming 2nd Chance Fashion Show on February 20th, 2011 at Bond Boston. Designed to raise awareness about paralysis and society's attitudes about it, it was recently written up in the Babson Freep: 

The photoshoot spanned two evenings and photos were taken of models showing dresses by Jeury Rosario and jewelry and other pieces by Isabella Louis. They brought along everything from a wheelchair (in the spirit of the event) to a crazy big set of rings. See more of the shenanigans below.

Harry Jefferson, FR3EDIM, inc, with Charlotte Bouygues (left) and Jessica Carter (right).

Below you'll find a link to a flickr set of more photos from the red carpet and the shoot from photographer Sarah Yim:

Bryan Jackson (left) clothing designer with Asha Isabella and Michael Louis, creative director and accessories designer of Isabella Louis (right)

And, for the first time on BLEUDENIM, much, much more after the jump*...

*As this is the first time we are doing this, let us be clear. If something is "after the jump," it means that unless you see something below that other than comments, you're not seeing the whole post. Click the title of the post or "Read more" to see the whole thing. Thanks for reading!

For the first time in a while, chunky could easily be seen as an understatement in the following pictures.  There's really too many stones, studs, and sparkles on this coat to give them justice.  Shoulder piece... pretty chunky.

Only a little bit of aggression shown in this one... spikes.  The addition of plaid nearly gives it the idea that prep (or maybe school?) is specifically what he is rebellious of, and the vast mixture of furs and that scarf makes this one... chunky.

Just... ridiculous. Look at the way those pants on the right are cut or the way he's wearing them with what looks to be a traditional African tribal skullcap (visible in picture above).

Shoes, above and below... chunky. Those straps and the subtle stripes on the heels are priceless.

And now for the real stuff.  Without the efforts of this master, none of this would have been brought to fruition.  When it comes to style, never hold yourself back because your garments are your key to freedom.

Here's that crazy big set of rings we mentioned... By the by, that vest with the straps on Harry is the same red one visible from the front in pictures above. Crazy, right? People say fashion runways (especially men's fashion) have left the fashion weeks and gone to the streets and blogs where it's more "real." But let it be noted that we are a blog featuring this kind of clothing, and let's be frank, that vest is pretty runway-ish style fashion. Personally, I dig it.

The vest and the rings (which we hear are meant to be representative of an atom) are linked to Anti-Matière, Harry's upcoming clothing collection, which is set to debut at the 2nd Chance Fashion Show event in February.

Like we said, there were purposeful wheelchairs present on set with beauties like the one below.

We'll have more on the actual 2nd Chance Runway Event at Bond Boston when it happens in February.

Stay stylin',

- Slick and Clarence

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