Thursday, December 9, 2010

Made in America

Everything about this outfit displays timeless elegance and style, similar to that of an age old clothier which has provided clothing essentials since 1818.  This look is simple, but he brings together some great fabrics and patterns to display the preppy look perfectly.  The tartan vest offers a great addition of color to an otherwise brown and blue ensemble.

I love both the cut and fit on these jeans because they fall perfectly over a pair of brown oxfords.  The look is really clean and his attention to detail may seem basic but it pays off.  The herringbone blazer seems to pull together this outfit perfectly, especially with details like the double pocket and padded elbows which unfortunately aren't seen here.

All in all, this look is great and really reminds us just how easy it is to mix and match different patterns and fabrics to pull together an awesome outfit.  Granted, this guy has been at it for a while and has some years of experience to help him create looks like this.  This by far has been my favorite post because of my preppy attitude as well as affiliation with the Golden Fleece.



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