Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Glimpse of Sunshine

On a recent trip to New York one interesting thing I noticed was that of all the shots that I got, only a few of our stars were actually New Yorkers.  Nevertheless, this couple is layered and ready to take on the Big Apple.  The sun was slowly setting on this one, but the yellow duffel coat quickly drew my attention.  In weather like this the chunky scarf adds both warmth but a nice contrast of light colors.  The vintage look of the bag and shoes mix well with her sunny and cheerful attitude.

It's really good to see the different ways people incorporate denim into their outfits.  First, a casual pair of slimmy black jeans with a perfect fit.  Then he takes it over the top with this BLEUDENIM jacket with details that cannot be overlooked; the throat latch and hoody for added warmth.  The mixture of black and blue denim is never easy to pull off, but this combination of colors doesn't need any defending.

Dessert boots usually tend to get overshadowed by baggy pants or ill-fitting trousers.  These well-worn boots are given a second chance with proper length jeans and an extra tuck to show some tongue.  The couples we've shown lately always seem to have something in common, making them his and hers.  The worn-in feel of both pairs of boots draws this one together perfectly.




  1. Yo this kid Seiya is from New York City! Broooooklyyyynnnnnn. Nice post.

  2. Hey Maia,

    Do you have his contact information by any chance?