Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double, Double Breasted

Patterns among buttons, and fabrics among fur, this duo is decked out in just about everything.  On the left is a perfectly fitting plaid button down.  The fur around the collar seemed like a really good call in this frigid weather we've been having lately.  Good judgement is shown all the way down to the shoes, with some pretty aggressive tongues.

This portion of the shot seems to incorporate one of the best looks I think I have ever seen.  Double breasted shawl collar, layered by a well tailored double breasted blue overcoat.  The lapels are just the right size to make way for the abundance of buttons.  There's not much to say about what kind of a statement these green tartan pants make.

I've been noticing lately that when one guy brings his best for kicks, the other one does as well.  A good tie on the sneakers to make them stay snug and a comfortable pair of saddle loafers.  These two exemplify a dynamic duo.



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