Friday, January 28, 2011

Shades of Style

 Location: Washington Square South


Head to toe, top to matter what you want to call it, that's exactly what this outfit is.  There is a great combination of blues and grays in this outfit that make it come together the whole way through.  Noteworthy are the well fitting fedora, super chunky checkered scarf that matches well with the sweater, and as always a great pair of pencil thin jeans...bleudenim at it's best.

These shoes are really great because they're just as much dessert boot as they are a distressed pair of oxfords.  Call them what you will, my feeling is they are great shoes no matter what.  From the back, this oufit looks great and really well put together.  The reddish lines on the bag add a bit of extra color to an otherwise neutral palette.  Every component of this ensemble fits him well and goes together...great outfit.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Your Average Dress Code

Location: Washington Square Park, NYC

Photo courtesy of Unabashedly Prep

Special Thanks to F.E. Castleberry over at Unabashedly Prep.  Some might think that there is a bit too much layering going on up top...let me just tell you that the wind was still an issue even with that much protection.  The jean jacket had to be added to keep the look BLEUDENIM.

-Slick and Clarence


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black and White and Style All Over

What's great about this is how basic white and black are.  Black often turns into a go to color for many people as an easy way to blend in.  This guy on the other hand used the two colors to stand out like a sore thumb, at least for me.  

Up top there is some really great layering going on.  A dress shirt to start things off shows an appreciation for elegance, while the sweater followed by fleece display a bit of style and comfort.  This chunky fur collar provides enough warmth during this stinging cold weather.

The use of black to entirely make up the lower portion of this outfit is a great choice...after all he is already breaking the "white" rule during winter.  (Bonus points for whoever guesses which division of the US Military began this tradition by ditching their white uniforms after Labor Day)  This guy is fighting his own battle with these combat boots, but from the looks of it he is clearly winning.


To our beloved followers...thanks for sticking with us during these past few weeks.  We're back...and this time we're not leaving.  Keep stylin'



Monday, January 3, 2011

Noir Denim

No one ever said that bleu is the only way to rock denim.  Noir denim can be just as stylish, most often in a skinnier fit.  First, a slim pair of black jeans with layers of style on top...

Sandwiched perfectly between an eggplant blazer and authentic cowboy boots...

Combined with bleudenim on top while catching a last glimpse of sunshine...

Check out more noir denim after the jump...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Blueberries

Location: NYC

We hope everyone is having lovely holidays. This photo of a bleu/blanc/rouge wearing Frenchman is our gift to you, as if we're not generous enough with you kids as it is.

More like, bleu, blanc and BOLD, though I think he doesn't even see it like that. Poor guy, he seems bored because it's too easy for him to stunt at this point. He's comfortable just following tried and true style tips and making 'em do work for him.

Take one look at our friend here and you just know how he gets dressed in the morning. His closet's probably full of great pieces and a universal color scheme that he already knows works for him. So he picks a couple of colors and makes sure to coordinate. And then he probably dances in front of the mirror singin, "Okay then back to basics, grab some red shoes and some white laces..." (That last part may just be me imagining everyone is as weird as I am- I don't care, judge me.)

They tell me there's probably 1-2 feet of snow where this picture was taken right about now. Enjoy the snowball fights, New Yorkers. Don't despair over car troubles, just be green and take the freakin' metro. 

Stay fly...