Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black and White and Style All Over

What's great about this is how basic white and black are.  Black often turns into a go to color for many people as an easy way to blend in.  This guy on the other hand used the two colors to stand out like a sore thumb, at least for me.  

Up top there is some really great layering going on.  A dress shirt to start things off shows an appreciation for elegance, while the sweater followed by fleece display a bit of style and comfort.  This chunky fur collar provides enough warmth during this stinging cold weather.

The use of black to entirely make up the lower portion of this outfit is a great choice...after all he is already breaking the "white" rule during winter.  (Bonus points for whoever guesses which division of the US Military began this tradition by ditching their white uniforms after Labor Day)  This guy is fighting his own battle with these combat boots, but from the looks of it he is clearly winning.


To our beloved followers...thanks for sticking with us during these past few weeks.  We're back...and this time we're not leaving.  Keep stylin'



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