Friday, January 28, 2011

Shades of Style

 Location: Washington Square South


Head to toe, top to matter what you want to call it, that's exactly what this outfit is.  There is a great combination of blues and grays in this outfit that make it come together the whole way through.  Noteworthy are the well fitting fedora, super chunky checkered scarf that matches well with the sweater, and as always a great pair of pencil thin jeans...bleudenim at it's best.

These shoes are really great because they're just as much dessert boot as they are a distressed pair of oxfords.  Call them what you will, my feeling is they are great shoes no matter what.  From the back, this oufit looks great and really well put together.  The reddish lines on the bag add a bit of extra color to an otherwise neutral palette.  Every component of this ensemble fits him well and goes together...great outfit.


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