Saturday, December 4, 2010

Le Cold Café Marly

This past week when we took a pause from BLEUDENIM, I went to Paris on Thanksgiving (Merci Donnant) break. This is what I came back with. There was so much to photograph in Paris, but I had camera troubles. You will be seeing more of this quality soon when I go back in a couple weeks for Christmas.

Couples are a great thing to photograph because not only do you see the outfits' individual characters but how they play off each other as well. This couple seems pretty compatible, no? Rockin' complementary colored styled tops (check the epaulets on her coat and the collar on his sweater) and sick shoes to boot (pun intended, judge me).

The leather detailing, fitted form, and thin curved over lapel on the man's blazer pack a punch, and the woman carries the only VB bag I have ever been able to deal with.

The maître d’hôtel wanted his 5 minutes of fame and provided this cute shot.

I didn't know it at the time, but it was going to snow in about 20 minutes at the time of this photo. This couple's outfits may not have been good for that, but I have a feeling they would have kept each other warm despite the beautiful but unfortunate precipitation.


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