Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where's Your Runway?

These two took the streets of Paris by storm in these outfits.  From head to toe, left to right, this couple woke up and said today we're not putting on clothes, we're getting dressed.  A larger part of me wants to know if his hair is naturally that perfect or if any effort had to be exerted to get such a flow.  Oversized aviators, for some reason just look great on his face.  A genuine extra slim fit blue french cuff shirt.  The jacket might scream pédé but it seems to fit him far too well to criticize.  A part from the questionable belt, he ties together a perfect ensemble with the white zipper.

Elegant but absolutely as simple as it gets, she looks stunning in this black dress.  A few locks of hair splashing her in the face add that extra something.  Her incredible blue eyes seem to match his entire upper.  All in all this couple didn't take long to realize that the sidewalks are their runway...where's yours?

We want to thank two of Slick's friends:
the original Adele de Fontbrune
the photographer Tasha Kombo 


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  1. cheers! and glad you like the "street is your runway" phrase, i used it so much it became an actual category on my blog.