Monday, September 20, 2010

Head to Toe

To be completely honest, I'm not really quite sure what caught my eye first in this one. Maybe it was simply the fact that from top to bottom, this girl knows how to put an outfit together. Denim shirts are always questionable, but the case is easily put to rest when you have a vintage scarf to accompany the look. The tailoring on this shirt hugs her sides perfectly, which mixes well with the combination of utility and comfort that denim provides.


Mixing black and blue is never an easy decision, but she found a pair of skinnies that offer enough character of their own to overpower the "faux pas."  The black on black patches which layer these jeans offer satisfaction for the wandering eye.  To finish up this dare-to-be-different ensemble, these black flats sport just the right amount of blue to demonstrate her attention to detail.  Maybe our northern neighbors have been right this whole time and the "Canadian Jumpsuit" has been acceptable all along.


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