Thursday, September 16, 2010


I like this one because of the bag, as the title implies. Typical Paul Smith, but not one of the most commonly seen designs, in my experience. I mean, let's be serious, we've all seen the car and the sexy wallet ladies. This kind of fad following without being exactly the same as everyone else is something I try do to myself. The fact that he carries the bag with his watch hand securing it isn't bad, either. We'll try to get the photo big enough so you can zoom in on the watch, it was pretty cool in its own right.

Of course, since this is lesbluejeans, we have to mention the man's denim. While they're not the most unique pair, I like these jeans because they give the feeling that the wearer thought out the comfort/style ratio and picked a pair that fit a ratio to his liking; they have a distressed wash and are not too long but are a little bit baggy.

I see this as a good example of student chic. A blend of American student style with some European designer flair.


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