Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue, Black, and Bold

From head to toe this outfit is perfectly composed of black and blue.  Aside from breaking a cardinal rule by mixing the two colors, it's usually pretty hard to get them to work together.  Most of the outfit is relatively basic...a simple pair of black flats and a pair of skinny black jeans.  She starts to add a bit of constrast with a slate gray v-neck that's just as much black as it is blue.  By keeping a majority of her outfit neutral she leaves herself room to go crazy on top.
Take a solid look at this cardigan and you'll realize that crazy isn't used in a negative sense to describe the sweater.  Between the baby blue trim, excesively colorful stitching details, and the three-quarter sleeves, there is a lot to be respected about her choice.  One more detail that screams bold is her choice of eyewear, a pair of beige Clubmasters that bring out her inner swag.

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