Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Street Swag

Super slim has clearly made its way on to the American college campus and we're constantly noticing all sorts of variations in skinny jeans.  What happens most of the time though is that the outfit becomes top heavy due to a lack of dedication.  His hoodie has a lot going on to say the least but it has a perfect fit and does not make him look like he is swimming in fleece.

What some street stylers are good at however, is being clever enough to transition from an aggressive hoodie like his to a pair of kicks that prove themselves.  These black high-tops offer plenty of detail but also look comfortable enough to make you wonder what his reason for buying them was...or maybe he knew he was getting it all.

The most important piece in this outfit, however, is definitely the denim.  Skinny or slim fit might even be an understatement for these but they don't look like they are constraining which is one sign for a perfect fit.  Even more is that wash, a simple gray pair of jeans with crazy acid stains that make for an ensemble that is made of three solid pieces of detailed style.


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