Sunday, September 19, 2010

Humsa Promenade

One great thing about this guy is his preference for simplicity. By simple, I don't mean the fact that his black and gray outfit matches perfectly with his black and gray bedding, but rather that he doesn't leave room for negativity to affect him. We all have a basic pair of brown loafers like his, but not many find the courage to sport gray denim like this. A classic pair of slim-fit jeans, with an extra roll to expose a little bit of ankle and to prove that simple does not always mean boring.

His sweater looks comfortable as anything with a chunky shawl collar to add some warmth, even though it's only September. The white stripes around his sleeves and waist add just the right amount of detail to an otherwise basic pullover. Basic, however, is something that this guy certainly is not. Get to know him better and he will show you how Karma affects everyone.


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