Monday, September 20, 2010

Gather Some Denim and DIY

One good thing about denim is that it can be crafted into just about anything you want it to be. Jean pants somehow always find themselves cut at the knees and worn as shorts. Jackets are easily tailored at the elbow and vests are born. Women seem to always stand out in an over-sized mens denim shirt.  Denim is by far one of the most durable fabrics and can stand the test of time and fashion, even as styles change. 

After getting reconnected with this old friend of mine, I realized how unfortunate it is that she is no longer on campus.  She shares our preferences for quirkiness and simplicity, but has an eye for the little things that really matter and has the energy to make them standout.  Her strength: rummaging through piles of thrift, gathering a few garments, and transforming them into an entirely new outfit that allows her to prove how easy it is to do it yourself.


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