Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Visit From the Editors

It's not always easy to follow a commonly worn look but still ace it.  (That beautiful beaming smile certainly helps though!) These days you see girls wearing tights or yoga pants everywhere, but we think this girl deserves credit for being bold by wearing this eye-catching rugby top.  The shirt has some great detail that can't be overlooked.  Take the padded red stitching on the right shoulder or that extra yellow slash on each stripe of her collar.  

The only thing better than the detail on this shirt is her knack for accessories and her eye for choosing just the right one.  Only a watch and some earrings but they really deserve a mention.  I usually don't spot blue watches often but when I do they really catch my eye.  And the earrings, aside from strong earlobes, it takes a pretty bold woman to put those on in the morning.

-Slick and Clarence

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