Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nods from Nottingham

Denim, denim everywhere... Where to begin?

Of course the first detail that caught my eye was his earrings and hipster hat. I used to rock a beanie like that for a while, so I respected his Burgundy-colored choice.

The dude's tattoos are very cool, and his pairing of bleu and noir denim is the best kind I know. He adds a French touch with the St. James stripes. She certainly follows this francophile spirit, taking part in the jorts/stockings trend we've seen so much of in Paris this year. She, however, picked a high waisted pair and a chunky belt to boot. And doesn't she just look cute the way her soft-looking top is tucked in with the boyfriend shirt hanging out?

Loafers galore to finish us off. Sick kicks!



  1. @anonymous28 we're happy your eye got caught because you seem to be comign back more and more to comment...thanks for the good following