Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Little Kiss For The Camera

So you may be wondering where Slick and Clarence have disappeared to recently...if you did, it means you're a faithful reader and we appreciate your patience.  But we're back, and we're ready to start fresh this summer with both of us here in Europe.  From the pictures taken on a recent trip to Venice, I can already tell that we're in for a good summer.  The laid back way of life in most cities on this side of the pond translates to comfortable swag, displayed in outfits like this one.

The outfit itself might not seem like it took that much time to pull together, but one cannot overlook the attention to detail this lovely Italian has for her accessories.  What I found most appealing in this look was how well the brown and turquoise and denim all seem to accent each other...that and the endearing bises she seems to be giving the camera.  With warm summer weather clearly on its way; throw on your pair of comfortable jeans with a light sweater to match and you're good to go.



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