Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2011: Here's Looking At You

Spring 2011 was our first time together at New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Given our short time together there we decided not to go to any shows and just photograph people out front of Lincoln Center on the Josie Robertson Plaza. Personally, after hearing about shows like Perry Ellis from our champs on the street and seeing pictures online, I kinda maybe somewhat regretted not having taken the opportunity to go to shows. But that's the great thing about the occasion, there's always next season!

As it was Fashion Week, we saw a lot of things that we wouldn't necessarily put on BLEUDENIM on their own, but thought that we could still give our angle on some of the crazy outfits we saw (pun intended).

More shenanigans after the jump.

Way to wear a fur vest in a way that doesn't give off a "spoiled brat/typical seizième girl" vibe from miles away. The scarf and color coordinated suit are the keys to this success. Good hustle champ.

Also, sick kicks.

The dynamic duo below got a lot of attention from the photographers, and for good reason. Big, blue boots. I would love to hate on the fact that all it seems to take to get noticed these days is to put on something shiny, no matter if it's a pair of cheapo Gaga glasses or even cheaper MJ pret-a-porter rainboots. It's like we're all just a bunch of raccoons with a sartorial fetish. But...I took their picture, so obviously that's not my objective here. (-at least not primary objective...)

Rather, I'd like to give credit where it is due. Minus the boots and misplaced hat, (people please, stop wearing fitteds with everything and turn around and call it "urban fashion") the gentleman on the left has a pretty dope outfit. Chunky coat with that fur, a scarf buffering that and the BLEUDENIM jacket that sits below. The consistency of the red highlights and the inclusion of a bow tie are welcome accents on the outfit.

We also must cede that the girl makes an audacious move wearing that bold black leather all the way through her outfit. Still, clearly someone needs to tell the world that some fashion is about as durable as the plastic water bottles these folks are clutching- more gets thrown in landfills every year.

Too much of a good thing? Let us know what you think in the comments.



  1. goyard, is it real or is it nyc street vendor?

  2. and what about those bluuuuuuuuuuu boots dude? sick or well? im thinkin maybe not wellies in nyc, even if they are a sick colour.

  3. the bluuuuuuuuu boots are great...matched perfectly with a bleudenim jacket up top

  4. The Goyard in the first picture was definitely real, I have an eye for fakes. (Plus my mother had a fake of that bag for a while... lol) The blue boots were a bit ridiculous, but look at that smile, he doesn't care, he's just stuntin'. Gotta love it.