Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bleu Blanc Noir

Chunky post today champs, get ready to click "Read more."

I particularly appreciate the guy on the left, Stefan. He manages to pull off the chunky scarf and draping sweater combo which I'm a fan of. The guy on the right, whose name I didn't get, is rocking sick bleudenim, head to toe. The mandarin-collared shirt in denim is a nice touch; we need more Nehru shirts in our lives. Plus, so many people have been pimping chambray shirts lately, but how many people do you see rocking them sans-collar? Now I'm just waiting for someone to rock a rounded collar. Then we'd really be talking.

You couldn't get more classic with the footwear- black leather boots and white chucks! But notice how the jeans are rolled over twice and the fold-over looks neat. Showing a little attention to detail never hurt anyone.

TLDR: Bleu, blanc, rouge noir and a shirted shout out to the Jumpsuit. Funnily enough, these guys weren't even Canadian.


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