Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too Right Feet

Here is a weekend post to keep you on your heels, with pictures of some serious studs.

I'll be frank, even though I'm a guy, I dig dope heels. I liked these because they follow the stud trend but in an interesting way an on an interesting color backdrop (read: not black for once!). Also the studs are small and in the back only, so they're not Gaga-style overkill.

Here, I liked the gold on the bags that goes along with the golden heels and buckles. Just wish you could see these chunky heels from the side. We were in a huge rush the day this was taken and the resulting picture doesn't do them justice.

Still though, somebody needs to tell this lady she shouldn't be carrying a navy bag with a black outfit. I mean, c'mon.


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